bentu design's recycle series lamps built with construction waste

bentu design’s recycle series lamps built with construction waste
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what is the value of design? why are objects labelled innovative, extraordinary, when usually they do nothing to make us better humans, wiser, or more compassionate? contemporary designers far too often trade their morality for a shot at becoming the next legend. to make something truly innovative, the veil of ignorance and greed has to be overcome. the best products aren’t made from gold, they aren’t produced unsustainably nor do they exist simply for the sake of existing

bentu space

‘luan’ light

today, materialistic desire is at the highest levels ever seen in human’s short span on earth. excessive designs increasingly burden the earth, consuming materials as well as in the worst cases, the lives of those forced to source them. simply put, the world does not need more objects. but, why not use what’s already here? 

bentu space‘kui’ pendant light

Bentu ‘recycle series’ lamps use recovered industrial detritus, giving the discarded materials a renewed existence. construction waste accounts for 30-40% of total municipal waste worldwide. it takes up immeasurable space in landfills, and reduces soil quality even when properly disposed. sulfate ions, which eventually convert into hydrogen sulfide, release into the atmosphere and drastically reduce air quality. recycling adopts this waste that will do nothing but harm, and uses it to create aesthetically pleasing, useful objects.  

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‘luan’ wobbles back and forth

 the lights use recycled construction wastes 

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three lamps 

bentu space‘dian’ lights

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‘U’ light 

bentu spaceconstruction waste

bentu space

demolition site 

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30-40% global waste is from construction purposes 

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